Big Booty Burglary

I think we might have a new crime gang on our hands. Keep an eye out for the "Big Booty Bandits"!! They might be headed to your town next. Police in Spartanburg, SC are on the look out for a trio of black women who are responsible for breaking in to the home of a recently deceased man and stealing his flat screen TVs.
This past Saturday the dead man's girlfriend told police that a back window had been broken out and they were missing their TVs. Police spoke with one of the neighbors who said she saw "three black females with big booties" get out of a car and head to the back of the house. She saw them pull up but never saw them leave. The neighbor had no other descriptions of the robbers, just that they had big fat badonkadonks.
Police are asking everyone in the area to keep an eye out for a car full of well rounded black women with a trunk full of TVs. The Big Booty Bandits are on the loose!
Smoking Gun has the story

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