"Hello 911? There's a bunch of drunk people at this bar."

It's not often you're sitting in a bar and one of the local bar flies calls the cops on you for being drunk. Apparently she just wanted a little piece and quiet.
Mary Jaggers, pictured above, stopped in at Artie's Sportsman Lounge in Hollywood, FL for a couple of drinks and some quiet time this past weekend. The rest of the drunks in the bar didn't get the memo though. Jaggers is facing a charge of misusing the emergency phone system and possession of hyrdrocodone. Turns out Jaggers had called 911 six times in one night to report the drunk people at the bar. She wanted the cops to come down and arrest everyone at the bar. She told police she called because she was worried that everyone would drive home drunk. One of the arresting officers said that a mixture of too much time at Artie's and a few hydrocodone might have led to a few poor choices that night.
Local 10 has the story

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