This Guy Loves His Inflatable Pool Rafts

Pretty sure I posted a story about this dude once before. Meet Edwin Tobergta from Hamilton, OH. He likes to have sex with inflatable pool toys in public. Tobergta was sentenced last week to 11 months in prison for going to town on a pool toy in front of a group of kids. I believe the official charge was for public indecency because you can't just charge someone for being a fucking creep. This is the second time around for Tobergta and his pool toys, he was arrested back in 2011 for the same offense. During his court hearing everyone in attendance got a sneak peek into Tobergta's sexual history which included an arrest back in 2002 for having sex with an inflatable pumpkin that was part of a neighborhood Halloween display. He apologized to the court for his most recent outing,
"I do want to apologize for my actions, I'm sorry. I'm ready to get my life together and quit all this nonsense." 

Is that what it's called when you fuck a pool raft in front of a group of kids, nonsense. My guess is this guy might have some demons he needs to deal with. Either that or he's sparked a new kind of fetish. I'm going to say it's the first one. If this guys so in to inflatable objects why didn't he just go out and buy a blow-up doll? Seems much more plausible than stealing pool toys out of someones backyard. 
The judge in the case said that Tobergta's acts were "lewd" and "obscene" and "something society's not going to tolerate." Hopefully whatever jail this guy is headed to doesn't have a pool.
Huff Post has the story

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