Woman Learns Her Lesson After 396th Arrest

Sometimes it takes criminals a few trips through the system to learn their lesson. In the case of this Chicago woman it took 396 times. I'll just go ahead and say what everyone is thinking, she didn't learn shit.
52 yr. old Shermain Miles was released from Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL this week and told a judge at the hearing that she promised to turn her life around and this time she meant it. Unlike the last 395 times. Miles has racked up an impressive 396 arrests over the last 35 years on charges ranging from theft to disorderly conduct. On her train trip back to the city she spoke with a reporter and told them deep down inside she's a good person but said she has a bit of a drinking problem and when she drinks she turns into a "monster". Unfortunately, Miles wasn't heading to her own home. She was ordered by the judge to live in a half way house and attend alcohol and drug classes. I'm not sure what the over/under is on how soon this lady will be going back to jail but put me down for 2 weeks.
NBC Chicago has the story

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