Kama Sutra Christmas Cookies

When I first saw these cookie cutters I thought to myself, "Who comes up with this shit?" but then I realized that I need my own set of Kama Sutra cookie cutters. They've been added to my list for Santa. It's the perfect way to spice up those boring old Christmas cookies and they're a great conversation piece for any holiday party. Firebox has taken Gingerbread men to the next level with their set of sexy cookie cutters that include designs like "Baking From Behind" and "Very Well Risen". The full set will cost you about $25 and toss in a little white frosting and you got yourself the tastiest bukkake party this side of the North Pole.
The instructions read: 'Simply prepare your favorite type of cookie dough, cut out your shapes and then turn your oven into a sordid little dungeon of carnal pleasure.'
I never thought of my oven as a dungeon of carnal pleasure but I suppose I can make an exception for the holidays. Here's a link if you'd like to buy your own set and have the sexiest tray of cookies at the party.
Daily Mail has the story

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