Public Masturbator Banned From British Grocery Store

I like meat just as much as the next person but at some point you have to draw a line. That line usually ends with you not masturbating in the deli section of your local grocery store.
A man in Staffordshire, England is facing a lifetime ban from Sainsbury's, an English grocery chain, after he was caught pleasuring himself in the meat aisle. This isn't the first time he's been busted for this either.
49yr. old Eugenio Freitas was reported by other shoppers after he was spotted with his hands down his pants beating his meat. Before any customer complaints were made an employee noticed Freitas loitering in the aisle but gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was "adjusting himself". Turns out he was doing a little more than that. More customers complained and it turned out after further inspection that Freitas was in fact masturbating in the middle of the grocery aisle. The married father of four told the courts that he had every intention of doing his normal shopping that day but "became overwhelmed by his excessive sexual drive". This wasn't the first time either, Freitas was busted back in 2010 for doing the exact same thing in another supermarket in another town. The judge told Freitas that he needs to find a new outlet for his hobby and that banning him from the grocery chain was the first step,
"You told your probation officer you have a compulsion for masturbating in public. You seem unable to identify and deal with the consequences of what you do.”

The 49yr. old grandfather was spared jail time and if he wants to go grocery shopping at Sainsbury's or any other chain he'll have to be accompanied by another adult. Freitas was charged with outraging public decency and was ordered to stay away from the deli counter.
Independent UK has the story

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