R. Kelly Promotion Turns Into the LULZ

R. Kelly decided to have a little Twitter promotion yesterday and asked his fans to tweet questions they had about his new album, Black Panties, and it turned out the way everyone thought it would. Release the trolls!
Some of you might remember that R. Kelly was charged with child porn and other allegations after a video surfaced of him peeing on an underage girl. Apparently, Kelly thought those day were behind him and his fans had moved on but he forgot one minor detail, the internet never forgets. Sure, there were some serious questions but once the trolls joined in it turned to pure comedy gold. Some of the highlights below:

Hey @rkelly is there such a thing as too young for you? And what would that be - 5, 6? #AskRKelly
I got a cousins birthday coming up what are are 7 year old into now a days? #AskRKelly
So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly
I heard the original title was called "Lil Black Panties". True? #AskRKelly #BlackPanties
How have you managed to stay off of To Catch a Predator, @rkelly? #AskRKelly

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