Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees

If you were to take a quick glance at this years inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame it would seem like they were scrapping the bottom of the barrel with a few exceptions. I mean Linda Ronstadt?! Really?! I didn't even know she qualified as Rock & Roll. Don't get me started on Hall & Oates either, sure they had some huge hits in their day but they shouldn't even be mentioned when it comes to the Rock Hall. Granted, you have bands like Nirvana that deserve a spot and even that's debatable for some. Some might say Nirvana isn't deserving of a spot in the Hall but I would disagree. They brought grunge music to the forefront in the early '90s and helped usher in a new genre of music. Not to mention they were one of the biggest voices for the angst ridden generation of the '90s. Plus, they helped kill hair metal which in my book is good enough for a spot in the Hall. I've been reading thru articles and lots of people seem to think KISS doesn't deserve a spot either. Kind of on the fence with them. Am I fan? Hell no!! I think their music is awful and gimmicky but there's millions that would totally disagree with me. Not to mention that they were one of the biggest bands on the planet during the '70s. Do I think YES and Deep Purple should of gotten the nod instead of them? Hell yes!! Then again my vote and opinion doesn't mean shit at the end of the day. I mean they did get the most votes out of any of the bands nominated this year.
I do fully agree with Peter Gabriel getting in this year. I'm not a huge fan of his music but the work he did with Genesis and as a solo artists speaks for itself. And Cat Stevens, well I can't really speak on him because that was before my time and I couldn't pick a song of his if my life depended on it. The one things that bugs me is that this years induction ceremony, which I enjoy watching on HBO, is going to suck on so many levels. Kurt Cobain is dead so that will pretty much blow, Peter Gabriel will be cool and from there it just goes downhill. Sure, people will be fired up for KISS but seeing a bunch of old geezers trying to relive their glory days is starting to get sad. Just the fact that Gene Simmons will be there is enough motivation for me not to watch. Shouldn't he be out selling KISS coffins and condoms?
Below are this years inductees..........

KISS (239,000 votes)
Nirvana (218,000)
Hall & Oates (113,000)
Peter Gabriel (111,000)
Linda Ronstadt (85,000)
Cat Stevens (75,000)

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  1. Ronstadt has more rock and roll cred than half the folks in the silly RRHF. Yes? Peter Gabriel? Deep Purple? Yawn .You must be one of the folks who didn't realize that Spinal Tap was satire. But I am no fan of Hall and Oates either.