Science: How Does It Work?

Doctors in China were able to save a man's hand after he severed it in a work related accident. Xiao Wei's hand was mangled and thought to be gone after he got it stuck in a piece of equipment at work but his quick thinking co-workers saved the day. Well, that and a little bit of science. The picture above is Wei's severed hand after it was surgically attached to his foot. Doctors told Wei they could save his hand but they would first have to attach it to a part of his body to keep it "alive". After a 7 hour surgery doctors grafted the hand to his foot where it continued to receive blood and kept the tendons and muscles intact. A month later it was determined that the hand was in good health and could be surgically re-attached where it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, for the time being the hand is basically useless but with time and some rehab work Wei should be able to regain full use of it. In the meantime, Wei doesn't have to walk around with a missing hand. Science is pretty fucking cool! It's just like that episode of South Park when Mr. Garrison got his new penis.
Metro UK has the story

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