The Worst Possible Place to Hide Your Meth Pipe

A standard fender bender turned into a really bad day for one North Dakota woman after she picked the worst place to stash her meth pipe. The rock star pictured above is Jeana Smart. She was arrested at the scene of the accident after police ran her I.D. and discovered she had a warrant out on her for a missed court date. That was her 1st mistake. Police cleared the scene of the accident and transported Smart to the station and that's when they noticed her 2nd mistake. Officers performing a search saw Smart was bleeding from her vagina. She told officers that she "was on her period" and the search countinued. The search ended and when she walked into another room for booking the officers saw more blood dripping from her vagina down her leg and onto the floor. This was no period. Smart admitted that she had shoved a meth pipe inside of her and a quick search revealed it broke from the impact of the car accident. Along with the broken meth pipe police found a capped syringe. It was like a crackhead pharmacy up in this bitch! Smart was taken to a hospital where doctors removed more broken pieces of glass and whatever else she had stashed in there. She was medically cleared and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Maybe next time just stick that pipe in the glove compartment.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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