Unicorns For Sale

This couldn't have come at a better time because I just put down Unicorn on my Christmas list. And who knew that these majestic flying horses came from the far far away magical land of New Hampshire. If you have an extra $2 million laying around get in the car and head out to Goffstown, New Hampshire and grab yourself a set of Unicorns that have been breed and raised by a Unicorn expert of the highest order.
Of course, this is assuming that this Craigslist ad isn't a joke and everyone knows everything on Craigslist is super serious. Read it for yourself,

 "We are selling 2 purebred unicorns. Male is 3 years old named Pagasus. Female is 5 years old and named Daisy. Price of $930,000 USD is per unicorn. Unicorns are hand fed from birth, and require just as much attention if you do decide to welcome a unicorn into your home. We are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America, and are NUBAA certified. Call now to be put on the waiting list, on which wait times start at 9 months out. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. We also offer unicorn eggs for purchase."

Unicorns and their eggs!?! How can you pass up that kind of offer. Just think of all the kick ass adventures you could have while riding your unicorn across the land. Daily Dot has the story

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