Man With No Pants Arrested on Lowes Trip

Police in Palmetto, FL spotted a car this past Friday night driving with no working rear lights. So they did what any cop would and pulled the car over. When the officer walked up to the '91 Buick he noticed the man driving wasn't wearing any pants, but he wasn't exactly naked. Behind the wheel was 48 yr.old Guy Wable with no pants rocking a pair of "female underwear" as it was stated in the report. Deputy Fraicor Terrero said that normally you can't arrest someone for their choice of panties but Wable was driving on a suspended license and this was the third time he had been nailed for it which makes it a felony so he was cuffed and charged. Wable told the deputy that he knew his license was suspended but he just had to get to Lowes. He didn't say exactly what he was planning to buy.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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