Marijuana Coming to Dever County Fair

The marijuana industry is thriving in Colorado and it's high time they it got it's own booth at the county fair. Hell, let's go one step further and it to the blue ribbon growers competition. Fair organizers decided to show some love and add pot to the judges table this year but don't get too excited, all the pot categories will be held off site and pictures of the winners will be present at the fairgrounds.
"We thought it was time for us to take that leap and represent one of the things Denver has going on," said Tracy Weil, the fair's marketing and creative director.

Categories in the competition will include........
- Best live plants and clones
- Best marijuana-infused foods
- Best homemade bong
- Best homemade roach clip
- Best hemp made clothing and fabric
- Best rolled joint (oregano will be substituted for pot)

The pot competitors will get their own tent, must be 21 to enter. Inside the tent will be pictures of the blue ribbon winners along side 24 entrants of the homemade beer contest, 4 entrants for the homemade wine and "spirits and liqueurs." So basically that's the tent you want to be in. Organizers want to be mindful of all the families with young kids,
"We have a lot of families and kids at the fair, of course, and we wanted to be respectful of that" Weil said.

This won't be a common thing across the state as of yet. This is exclusive to the Denver County fair this summer so load up the car and come on down!!
AP has the story

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