New Eagles of Death Metal Album

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and side project Eagles of Death Metal sat down with themusic.com to talk about the Eagles appearance at the Australian music fest Soundwave 2014 and the conversation quickly shifted to talk about a new album,

“I’ve actually been in the studio with Eagles Of Death Metal,” Homme told the interviewer. When asked how many tracks they've knocked out he said they have around 6 solid tracks. Homme said the bands never really been in any kind of hurry to release a new album, it just kind of happens,
“Yeah, we’re just kinda working at a reasonable, sort of casual pace. We’ve got wandering and ambling down to a science.”

The last album of 2008's Heart on and Homme even hinted at QOTSA getting back in the studio.
Eagles Of Death Metal play Soundwave 2014. Queens Of The Stone Age play arena dates with Nine Inch Nails in March.

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