New Les Claypool Streaming On-Line

Les Claypool's new group, The Duo de Twang, is streaming their debut album right now over at Rolling Stone. The new group features Les, his long time collaborator Bryan Kehoe, one bass, one guitar and lots of good ole fashioned foot stomping. At this point in his life Les has played it all so he just wanted to do something simple and something that reflected his current music listening choices,

"This record represents what I personally listen to these days. Guys like Johnny Horton, Jerry Reed and Vernon Dalhart are the soundscape of my world as I'm boiling up crab in the backyard or working on my old Chryslers, so the notion of 'twangifying' my tunes seemed like a damn good idea."

It could be classified as a covers album, Claypool and Kehoe hit everything from Americana classics and modern songs like Alice in Chains "Man in a Box" and the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" and even a few tracks from Claypool's own discography. Four Foot Shack officially drops on February 4th and the duo will hate the road later that month. I'm not sure how long Rolling Stone is streaming the album so check it out quick and buy yourself a copy in a few weeks.

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