The Simpsons Apologize to Judas Priest

Simpsons writers got called out by fans of Judas Priest after they mistakenly referred the band as 'death metal' in a recent episode. Any metal fan knows that you NEVER label a band like Judas Priest as 'death metal'. I'm sure it was an honest mistake. Priest made an appearance in a recent episode where they played outside the Swedish consulate. Homer gets arrested for pirating music and flees from the FBI to the consulate. The FBI tries to lure Homer out by hiring Judas Priest to play a reworked version of "Breaking the Law" entitled "Respecting the Law". I'd be more offended that Judas Priest played for the FBI but everyone seemed more fired up about the death metal gaffe,  Stereogum's Michael Nelson went right for the throat,
"I don't care if you want to have fun at metal's expense, but if you brazenly mix up black metal and death metal – and the essence of the joke hinges on getting that reference right – well, that's just lazy writing and it deserves to be called out and mocked relentlessly. But that's totally pardonable compared to calling Judas Priest a death metal band."

Yikes! And Metal Insider chimed in as well,
"While it'd be ridiculous to suggest that Opeth, Amon Amarth or Entombed would be on the show in place of Priest, it might have been a good idea to not call a 43 year old song that gets played on classic rock 'death metal.'"

So The Simpsons apologized the only way they knew how, with Bart writing on the blackboard. As pictured above, Bart let all the Judas Priest fans know that The Simpsons were truly sorry and it would never happen again. All was forgiven and all is right in the world.
The Guardian has the story

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