Woman Attacks Boyfriend w/ Vagina Gun

You might want to rethink your dating life when the girl you're with pulls a handgun out of her vagina and proceeds to fuck it then puts it to your head and threatens to shoot you. Major red flag. This lady is either totally nuts or she just came up with the greatest bachelor party act of all time.
Jenny McCarthy, no not that Jenny McCarthy, was charged with aggravated assault after doing her gun trick on her boyfriend this past weekend. According to Santa Fe police reports McCarthy and her man were arguing about space aliens when thing got heated. The 48yr. old McCarthy stormed out of the house and came back a little later. Her boyfriend told police that she went straight to the bathroom and emerged clad in lingerie with a gun hanging out of her vagina. She started going to town on the gun and asked her boyfriend,
"Who is crazy, you or me?" and pulled the gun out and put it to his head. A fight ensued and the boyfriend was able to grab the gun and call police. When police arrived they recovered the gun from a garbage can outside and arrested McCarthy with no resistance. She admitted to pulling the gun from her vagina holster and threatening her boyfriend. She was booked into county jail and released the next day after posting bail.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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