Alright, Who Jizzed in My Shoes?

A security director at Concordia University in Illinois is looking for a new job after his weird fetishgot him fired and made him the subject of every break room conversation for the rest of the year. Pictured above is 39yr. old Tim Margis and he was arrested after a co-worker walked in on him dumping a nut in one of her shoes. The female co-worker told police she walked into her office and found Margis buttoning up his pants and putting his belt back on. She became suspicious since there's no reason Margis should be putting his pants back on while sitting alone in an office that doesn't belong to him. After a quick search she found a pair of her shoes filled with a "clear liquid". According to police reports the female co-worker questioned Margis as he was cleaning himself up, he claimed that he was just checking out the office since it was empty. He wanted to make sure everything was safe and sound. Turns out he was just rubbing one out into her shoes. Police were called in and Margis was questioned and freely admitted to shining his co-workers shoes. Margis was charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency. He's free on $150 bail. Margis was canned from his job at Concordia University, a school that describes itself as being "centered in the gospel of Jesus Christ". Police stated that Margis and the woman had no prior relationship before that night.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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