As I Lay Dying Frontman Pleads Guilty to Murder For Hire Plot

Things are going from bad to worse for Tim Lambesis, lead singer of the metal band As I Lay Dying. Lambesis is facing up to nine years in prison for hiring an undercover cop to murder his wife. According to court reports he paid the cop one grand up front and promised another $20,000 once the job was done. He asked the "hitman" to murder his wife while he was with their 3 adopted kids so he would have an alibi. It all started with a messy divorce and rumors that Lambesis was having an affair. Lambesis told his personal trainer he wanted to "get rid of" his wife because she was slowing up their divorce. The trainer contacted police and they set up a meeting with Lambesis and a cop that was posing as a hitman. They finalized all the details and everything was set in motion. Little did Lambesis know that he was being filmed the entire time. Pretty much an open and shut case.
Lambesis pled guilty to all charges and sentencing will take place in May. His attorneys claimed that he had been using steroids which in turn affected his mental state setting off the series of events leading to his arrest. As I Lay Dying was recently nominated for a Grammy with a single off their latest album "Nothing Left". The rest of the band has stayed silent during the whole ordeal and have not said what will happen with the future of the band.
NME has the story

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