Can Sherlock Get Any Better? Yes. Yes it Can

If you haven't seen BBC's Sherlock than you're missing out on the best show on television, in my opinion. Benedict Cumberbatch has taken the Sherlock character to the next level. Fuck everyone that's come before him including Robert Downey Jr. and whatever you call that abomination on CBS with Lucy Liu but we're not here to debate who played Sherlock Holmes best. We're here to discuss the possibility of LEGO releasing a line of Sherlock sets featuring all the main characters from the show and a replica of 221B Baker Street. LEGO is holding a contest and letting fans come up with their own sets. The winning set will then be marketed and available for purchase. Please let this happen!! A LEGO aficionado by the name of "Flailix" created the set,
"The set was designed with the adult collector and fan of the show in mind, and so accuracy in matching the set was a priority," Flailx wrote in the description. "There are a number of building techniques employed throughout the set, and I believe it would be an enjoyable build."

The set has two possible different styles. The smaller version of the 221B Baker St. consulting room includes Watson and Sherlock's comfy chairs, a fireplace with a skull on the mantle, Sherlock's desk, the quintessential teapot, and a hat rack with the famous deerstalker hat. There's even the bison skull mounted to the wall with headphones hanging from it. As of right now the Sherlock set has gained over 10,000 votes which means it will move into the review stage, where a board comprised of Lego designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the design. The team then builds concept models to decide if the design meets the high standards it takes to make a Lego product, such as playability, safety, and fit with the company brand.

"The review is a thorough process from its start and can take several months," the Lego CUUSOO team page stated. "When finished, we make a 'go/no go' decision to develop and sell a product based on the 'Sherlock' concept."

Not that my opinion matters but I beg the LEGO gods to let this happen. PLEASE!!
C-Net has the story

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