Girlfriend Finds Out Boyfriend Loves Her Dog More Than Her

Let this be a lesson to all those nosey girlfriends out there to mind their own business. One minute you're checking his for phone for another girl's number because you think he's cheating and the next minute you're finding pictures of him having sex with your dog. 
Police recently arrested 19yr. old Wayne Bryson from Lincolnshire, England on charges of performing an act of sexual penetration on a dog. His girlfriend was searching his phone when she found a video clip of Bryson having sex with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Bryson will be charged next month and was granted bail as long as he promised to stay away from dogs. He told a magistrate judge that this was his first experience with a dog and that he would never do it again.
No word on if he still has a girlfriend.
Metro UK has the story

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