It's So Cute It Hurts

A common problem most of us have is figuring out what to do with our blind lemurs. It's a question I ask myself everyday. Not really, I don't own a blind lemur but the folks over at the Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary in Liskeard, England do. Stumpy, the ring tailed Lemur, lost his sight due to cataracts. Only problem is that until he has surgery to correct his vision poor Stumpy is totally blind. So the caretakers at the sanctuary did the only logical thing and got Stumpy a seeing eye dog. Maggie the dog is Stumpy's eyes until he gets his surgery. I really hope that Stumpy rides Maggie like a horse to get around. That would be the cutest/greatest thing ever. Stumpy normally lives in an outdoor enclosure with the rest of the lemurs but since he's blind the parks staff are a little hesitant to let him roam free with his brethren, Keeper Joy Palmer said,
 “We are afraid to let him outside in case he injures himself. We want to try to get the operation as soon as possible.”

Porfell Wildlife Park is hoping that the public will hear Stumpy's story and help donate towards the surgery which costs a few thousand euro and requires a veterinarian specialist. 18 year old Stumpy is one of 250 animals that live in the wildlife park. Porfell is home to mostly abused and neglected animals and operates on donations from the public. How can you not love these two?!
Cornish Guardian has the story

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