North Korea Now Hates Dennis Rodman

Rodman pissed a lot of people off with his most recent trip to North Korea a few months back. He headed over for another round of political grandstanding with North Korea's tiny leader and a crew of washed up ex-NBA players. He didn't make things any better when he appeared on TV drunk and ranting about his idea of diplomacy. Turns out Dennis Rodman drank his way through the entire trip is no longer welcomed in the country. According to Free North Korea Radio he was basically forced out of the country after he drank himself into a stupor and used his hotel as his own personal bathroom. Officials say that Rodman was drunk the entire trip and the night before he left he basically drank himself retarded. He vomited, pissed, and shit all over the hallways of his hotel. Cleaning staff told the radio station that is was a total mess and smelled even worse. They were taken back by Rodman's barbaric and uncivilized behavior. Authorities did everything they could to keep the story from ever getting out because they were afraid it would tarnish the reputation of supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Sources say that not only are people disgusted by Rodman's antics but they're questing Jong-un for keeping such unruly company,
‘No one in a right mind would be a friend with Rodman. An animal that he is,’ the source said.

Rodman was asked to leave the country and told that if he ever wanted to come back that he would have to complete an alcohol treatment program. If you know Dennis Rodman that isn't going to happen. He's lucky he didn't end up in a camp in the mountains eating dirt for the next 40 years.
Korea Times has the story

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