That's Enough, Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus has decided to give us the one thing no asked for. A hip hop version of 'Achey Breaky Heart'. As a rule, anyone who participated in the making of this song and the video should be banned from ever taking part in any form of entertainment for the rest of time. Billy Ray teams up with rapper Buck 22 and for some reason Larry King is there too. The whole concept is as fucked as a hip hop version of 'Achey Breaky Heart. The video starts off with Larry King warning us about an impending alien attack and it cuts to Billy Ray and some kid walking to the local fishin' hole. The aliens abduct them and from there it start to swirl around the toilet bowl. It turns out the aliens are a bunch of countrified half naked twerkin bikini models because why not. Give up the dream Billy Ray and pack it in.......

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