10 Jager Shots Too Many

I love Jagermeister as much as the next person but there's a limit to how much you should drink in a public place. We all know when you drink too much Jager there's going to be regrets and probably some dried blood. For instance, 10 shots of Jager at a bar all by yourself might be over the line.
Police in South Daytona, FL arrested 33yr. old Jason Buchanan after he got shitfaced and set fire inside a bar and got all punchy. Buchanan stopped in to Mark's Sports Pub in Daytona and ordered up $80 worth of Jager shots, 10 to be exact, all for himself. After he pounded the shots he headed towards the bathroom and set fire to a garbage can. As he was starting the fire another customer walked in and spooked him. That's when he made a mad dash for the front door and tried to leave without paying. According to Lt. Dan Dietrich a couple of customers realized what was going on and tried to stop Buchanan but he freaked out,
“Buchanan punches [that] person –- over 70 years of age –- in the face. Buchanan then attempts to leave out the back door, where another patron blocked that door. Again, he punches that guy in the face, causing a large open cut to the guy’s mouth area.”

Police were driving to the scene when they spotted Buchanan running through a bank parking lot. Reports state that Buchanan told police he set fire to the garbage can as a diversion to sneak out the back. He never planned on paying for the drinks and didn't think his plan all the way through.
He's being charged with criminal mischief, aggravated battery, assault on a law enforcement officer, battery on a person 65 years of age or older, first-degree arson, and offenses related to not paying his tab, according to the Volusia County Sheriff.
WNDB has the story

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