America Hates Rock Star Nipples

At this point I say they just do away with the Super Bowl halftime show. No matter what happens there is always some segment of the population that can't handle it. Besides that the bands that the NFL picks are always awful and the whole thing is just one big advertisement. Ever since the Janet Jackson incident years ago America's tight asses have complained about everything and anything that they find the least bit offensive. Frankly, it's getting old but I do get a kick out of all the shit that comes out after the Super Bowl. People get on-line and claim, like after BeyoncĂ©'s performance, that the NFL is trying to push some kind of Illuminati agenda on to America's children. Or how can anyone forget the millions of children and sheltered adults who were scarred for life after seeing the exposed breast of a black woman. Oh the humanity!!!! How will people move on with their lives after seeing a titty on national TV. It'll be hard but I'm sure they've managed. This years Super Bowl halftime show with the wholesome Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers seemed to go off with out too many complaints......oh wait nevermind.
Seems at least 53 people were so disturbed by seeing a shirtless Anthony Keddis and Flea that they felt compelled to contact the FCC and file a complaint. I guess changing the channel for 5 minutes was out of the question for these people. One complaint read,
"The halftime show had a gratuitous display of nudity and the nipples of more than one adult were were displayed on Broadcast TV. If Janet Jackson can't show a nipple, then neither should they."

Oh my god, won't someone think of the children!! And gratuitous nudity? I'd hate to see how this person reacts if they ever stepped foot on a beach. I imagine their head would just explode from seeing all those man nipples. In the big picture of things I guess 53 complaints out of 115 million viewers is barely a blip on the radar but the FCC being the FCC has to act accordingly. Like I said, just do away with the music during the halftime show and when people complain about that just turn and point at all the assholes that make it impossible for the rest of us to have a good time. Because if you're truly that upset about seeing some dudes nipples then you have much bigger problems.
NME has the story

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