Did You Burp? That's a Beating.

When dinning in public it's always nice to bring your manners with you. If you don't you just might end up on the wrong end of a chair beating.
Police in Tega Cay, South Carolina are looking for a man in his 20's that assaulted a customer at the local Taco Bell. Police say that the victim and his friend sat down to enjoy some shitty tacos this past weekend and while chowing down one of them burped. Another man at a nearby table got up and approached the men and asked them if they had burped without saying "excuse me". The two men told Mr. Manners to mind his own business and go back to his meal. Mr. Manners had other plans and picked up a nearby chair and attacked one of the men. The victim was able to fend off the chair attack but before he knew it Mr. Manners dropped the chair and tried to choke him out. The victim was able to break free and a Taco Bell employee broke up the fight and told Mr. Manners to get out. Manners fled to his white pick-up truck and sped off. The police report states that the victim suffered a minor cut on his elbow from the chair attack and had some redness and swelling around his neck from the chokehold. Tega Cay Police haven't had any luck in catching Mr. Manners and are asking the public to keep an eye out for anyone who fits their description. The victim told police that the pain from the attacks was nothing compared to how awful his butthole was going to feel after eating all that Taco Bell.
Huff Post has the story

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