Vomit Phone Leads to Drunken Rampage

It doesn't get any weirder than this but then again it's Florida. Police in Port St. Lucie, FL responded to a domestic violence call that turned ugly and resulted in standoff with gunfire. A woman called police this past Saturday night after her husband came home drunk and threatened her with a machete. Police reports state that the husband, 31yr. old Trevor Campbell, had a few too many and became enraged after he vomited on his cell phone. He blamed the puke phone on his wife and grabbed a machete and held it to her throat leaving a few minor cuts. Things escalated from there when Campbell grabbed a shotgun and put it in his mouth. The wife was able to pull the gun from Campbell's mouth just before he fired off a shot that ended up going through the ceiling. At that point the wife and Campbell's daughter fled the house and hid behind a nearby dumpster. When police arrived they found the wife and daughter at the dumpster and one of the responding officers suddenly became the negotiator. Sgt. Richard Schichtel used the wife's phone and contacted Campbell inside the house. Schichtel told reporters that for the first few minutes they had a good dialogue going then all of a sudden Campbell hung up the phone and started firing shots from a second story window at the officers positioned around the house. Eventually Schichtel was able to get Campbell back on the phone and finally got him to stop shooting and surrender. Campbell left the home unarmed and was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and attempted murder of a police officer. And to think, this all started because he got black out drunk and puked on his cell phone. Based on those charges he'll have time to think about his mistake.
WPEC has the story

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