Woman Sets Fire to Car After McDonald's Fight

When your girlfriend tells you she wants a McFlurry you better get her a McFlurry. Especially if your girlfriend is a psychopath. Police in Jacksonville, FL are on the lookout for a woman who set her boyfriends car on fire after a fight about ice cream. Witnesses told police on the scene that they could hear the couple arguing about a McFlurry. Witnesses said that the woman wanted her man to buy her some soft serve goodness but the boyfriend kept declining. The girlfriend had enough and exited the car and began pouring liquor and gasoline all over the car and then set the car on fire while the man was still inside. The boyfriend escaped without injury and the woman fled on foot. Witnesses were unable to chase the woman because they were busy putting out the flames on the car. Police were able to get a half assed description of the woman and haven't had any luck tracking her down. I would think the boyfriend would be able to tell the cops where she lives but what do I know. Let this be a lesson to all you men out there. When your crazy girlfriend wants some ice cream get that bitch some ice cream. Or pay the consequences.
WFTV 9 has the story

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