Cocaine Arrested For Xanax

If your last name is Cocaine there's a pretty good chance people are going to assume a few things about you. For instance, based on that dudes mugshot I would assume that he likes to do some lines every once in awhile but I'd be wrong. Turns out Edward Cocaine enjoys Xanax.
Police in Fort Lauderdale, FL pulled over Cocaine for a license plate infraction earlier this week and it turns out the guy with a drug last name likes his drugs. The arresting officer noticed a Xanax pill in the doors pocket and asked Cocaine if he had a subscription for the drug, turns out he didn't. Oops.
Cocaine admitted to the officer that he had another one in his pocket that he bought from a friend earlier in the night. He was charged with felony drug possession since he didn't have a subscription and was release on his own recognizance. The judge even said that he's never seen Cocaine busted for drugs in all his days. Cue the rim shot.
Smoking Gun has the story

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