Stairway To Heaven's Satanic Message

During the '80s every tight ass American was freaking out over Satanic messages in music. More specifically, if you played certain songs backwards you could hear hidden messages buried in the song. One of the more well known cases of this involved Judas Priest and a family that claimed their son killed himself after listening to hidden messages embedded in their songs. Of course that was all complete bullshit and Judas Priest was cleared of all charges leaving the parent of the dead kid to face the fact they raised a broken child. Keep this in mind, if you ever find yourself sitting in front of a reel to reel player or record player playing music backwards to find subliminal messages you in fact might be the crazy one. Why would you ruin a perfectly good needle like that? Back in 1982 the Crouch family, a well known family of blood sucking televangelists, ventured into the dark world of subliminal music and discovered if you played certain parts of "Stairway to Heaven" backwards you could hear the band praising Satan and all his glory. And look at poor Mrs. Crouch, she can barely take it and has to read bible passages just to get through the segment.

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