The Kit Kat Pizza is Real

At first I thought this might be an elaborate April Fools Prank but it turns out the Kit Kat Pizza is a real thing. The bad news is it's only available in Japan.
A place by the Strawberry Cone Pizzas has made the mother of all fat kid pizza combos. They've managed to combine Japan's love of the Kit Kat with the world's favorite party food for what looks like a heart stopping tasty treat. I thought they mastered the art of freaky pizza after they came out with the hot dog stuffed crust pizza. The "Kit Kat & Mango Dolce Pizza" comes topped with mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce, honey maple syrup, and mango slices. Ok, maybe my excitement was a little premature because that sounds nasty. And just to be clear there aren't chunks of Kit Kat scattered around the pizza. The Kit Kat flavor comes from a pudding concoction that's used like a red sauce. Japan's Kit Kat obsession doesn't stop with pizza. Multiple restaurants have started serving the baked Kit Kat Sundae and people can't get enough of it.
Short List has the story

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