What's In Cafeteria Chicken Nuggets?

Last week a reporter from a local Chicago radio station, WBEZ, has the audacity to ask a Chicago Public Schools official what the ingredients were for the Chicken Nuggets they serve the kids for lunch. Since this is Chicago and anybody and everybody who holds a position of power is shady as fuck their answer was, "We don't know". Well, as a parent that's got to make you feel good. Pretty simple question really but it was too much for the CPS official to handle. So the reporter figured they'd contact the food supply company, Aramark,  that services Chicago Public Schools and their answer wasn't any better. They told the reporter that they gave all the food ingredients to the CPS offices and if the reporter wanted to find out they would have to ask them. I don't understand what the big secret is unless the food is made out of human flesh. Like something of out Soilent Green. Plus, anybody that's ever eaten a meal from a school cafeteria knows some things are best unknown.
WBEZ was sick of getting the run around so they figured they would file a Freedom of Information Act request and they eventually got the answers they were looking for. Well, kind of. Below is the information the CPS handed over to WBEZ. The list is more components of the meals rather than it's actual ingredients..........

EntrĂ©e Item                                                     Ingredients List

Chicken Patty Sandwhich                              Chicken Patty, Bun

Chicken & Bean Nachos                                Chicken Crumbles, Tortilla Chips, Cheese Sauce, Beans

Chicken Nuggets                                            Chicken Nuggets

Cheeseburger                                                  Burger Patty, Bun, American Cheese

Penne Marinara w/ Meat Sauce                      Penne Pasta, Marinara, Beef Crumbles

Well OK then, that solves everything *rolls eyes*. If I was a parent of a CPS kid I would be just a little concerned and if I was a taxpayer who's tax dollars are being used to pay for these meals I would have a few words for the CPS board. Then again this is Chicago and mum is the word.
For the whole story check out WBEZ


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