Thou Shalt Not Steal

A Spartanburg, South Carolina woman is trouble with the law and Jesus after she was nabbed at the local Wal-mart for shoplifting a bible. This past weekend Frances Thomas, 33, was spotted by an employee placing items into her purse. When she left the store she was confronted by a loss prevention officer and held till the real police arrived. Cops searched her purse and found some cheese, a few pair of socks, and a bible. You can't get more random than that. Thomas was charged with shoplifting and booked into county jail. Forget stealing the bible and all that irony, I'm just trying to figure out the cheese and socks. I can see the socks but the cheese is just so random. Grill cheese cravings? Needed more dairy in her diet? If I was the judge I would ask for an explanation because that in itself would be gold.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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