Man Has Sex With ATM Machine

You can tell you've had too much to drink when an ATM machine inside a bar starts to look sexy. Police in Murfreesboro, TN were called out to Boro Bar & Grill after one the customers exposed himself inside the bar. The ATM fucker pictured above is 49yr. old Lonnie Hutton and he needs a girlfriend in the worst way. According to police reports Lonnie was inside Boro Bar when he walked over to the ATM, pulled out his junk and tried to have sex it. When that didn't work Lonnie decided to take a nude stroll around the bar "thrusting his hips in the air". This must be his mating dance.
At that point everyone inside the bar had enough and dragged him outside and told him to sit at wooden picnic table while someone inside called the cops. Hutton, still revved up from his go with the ATM, started having sex with the picnic table. Police showed up shortly after he violated the patio furniture and placed him under arrest for public intoxication. Oddly enough Hutton wasn't charged for exposing himself or taking liberties with the ATM and picnic table. Cash machines can sleep safe at night knowing that Hutton is still locked up in lieu of a $250 bond. Police reports state that Hutton was clearly intoxicated and gave no excuse for his freaky behavior.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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