Man Robs Parents, Fights First Responders

What started as a drunk family fight turned into a shit storm for one Tulsa, OK man. Pictured above is Kevin Rash and he doesn't make good decisions after he's been drinking. Police say Rash showed up at his mother and step father's home and beat them up and stole their money. If this wasn't enough Rash then stole his mothers car but he didn't get too far. Rash returned to the house shortly after fleeing and decided to start a fight with first responders. Sgt. Pat Harker with the Tulsa Police Department said it was a good thing they stopped him before things went too far,
 "One of the firefighters is a professional mixed martial arts fighter, so that would not have bode well for the young man."

Rash was charged with assault for the attack on his parents and judging from the mug shot above he needed a night in the drunk tank to sleep things off.
NBC Tulsa has the story

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