The Hamburger Shoe Is Here

It's not exactly what it sounds like but when you look at that color scheme there's only one thing that comes to mind, hamburgers. A British clothing company by the name End Clothing teamed with Saucony to create the Shadow 5000 Burger. According to Complex End designers wanted to capture the gourmet burger craze sweeping England,
"We were looking around the market for something that we could make a good colorway out of and something that would resonate. One of the things we’ve seen become popular over the past few years is the rise of gourmet burger joints. We figured it would connect with the sneakerheads if it was done with the right execution."
The Shadow 5000 hits stores this weekend and comes with it's own condiments, a packet of mayo and  BBQ sauce which are actually the laces. Everything comes in a shoebox designed to look like a box of burgers from a fast food restaurant. The burger shoes will run you about $167 which sounds like a bit much for shoes colored to look like a burger.
End Clothing and Saucony aren't the first companies to rock the burger shoe, it's been done before.
Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff made an actual shoe burger for a Nike-sponsored contest and Vans and Asics have also made burger-inspired shoes.
ABC has the story

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