Best Hiding Spot Ever

When you're being pulled over by the cops and you're carrying drugs and guns you need a spot to hide everything and fast. If you're morbidly obese it's easy, tuck it in the gut. Volusia County cops down in Florida were conducting a routine traffic stop when the vehicles occupants became shifty and appeared nervous. An officer decided to call in a drug sniffing dog and it turns out they found something after a little digging around. Cops pulled out the passenger, 42 year old Christopher Mitchell, who happened to weigh over 450 pounds. Officers stated that he wasn't wearing his seat belt only because it didn't fit him. The dog hit on Mitchell and the officers found 23 grams of pot stuck under his giant fat rolls. The report says they also found a handgun, $7k in cash, and some cocaine but it didn't specify if it was all found in the fat rolls. I doubt it but if so that's pretty fucking impressive. He's got good fat roll control. The driver, 38yr. old Keithian Roberts, was charged along with Mitchell for possession. Cops stated that they found dryer sheets and air freshener sprinkled around the trunk. A tell tale sign that the car is being used to transport drugs. According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Mitchell was previously convicted of cocaine trafficking back in 2001. He had several aliases, including “Biggie” and “Fat Boy". I think I would of went with something like "Ganja Rolls" or "Fatty Stash".
The Smoking Gun has the story

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