Scarred For Life

An Dayton, Ohio boy will think twice before he goes out exploring again. The young boy was climbing around an abandoned house when he discovered a mummified corpse hanging in a closet. Turns out the corpse was 53yr. old Edward Brunton who hadn't been seen in over 5 years. Police say it was obvious the man hung himself. Records show that Brunton purchased the home in 2009 and put a down payment on the utilities. Police say no one reported him missing because most of the neighbors had no idea he lived in the home. He kept to himself and it's believed, based on the coroners report, that he hung himself shortly after moving in. Ken Batz, director of the Montgomery County Coroner's office, stated that the body was in good shape and hadn't decayed much,
"His body mummified -- the corpse's skin and tissue dried out and got leathery -- because of the time of year Brunton killed himself. The cool weather, and the fact that the body was in a place where it could not be disturbed by insects, slowed the decaying process and left the body fairly well-preserved."

No word if the kid who found him is sitting in a corner rocking back and forth while talking to himself. Sun-Sentinel has the story

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