Lindsay Lohan is Suing Grand Theft Auto

Lindsay Lohan has a new battle on her hands and it doesn't involve drugs or her fake reality show on Oprah's network. Lohan is taking on Rock Star Games, the creator of Grand Theft Auto. In the lawsuit, which was filed last week, she claims that the character Lacey Jonas is based on her and that Rockstar Games used her likeness and featured personal details without her permission. I've played the game plenty of times and at no point did the resemblance cross my mind. Lacey Jonas is a minor character in the game and is only featured in a handful of scenes. The character is young girl who is willing to do anything to gain fame. She get's embarrassed on an American Idol type show and that's really about it. I can't see why Lohan would be upset. Rockstar Games hasn't released a statement at this point and my guess is that this lawsuit won't make it too far.
Kotaku has the story

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