That's Not Where You Hide Your Crack

A Florida woman almost got away with stashing her crack rocks inside her body until the pain got to be too much. Jennifer Renee Crosby was arrested in Wabasso, Florida after a routine traffic stop. Crosby was riding in a car with a male friend when they were pulled over and the driver admitted to not having a driver license since 2008 for habitual traffic offenses. Officers asked Miss Crosby to step out of the car and police reports state that she appeared very nervous and was shaking. The officer asked if she had any drugs on her and Crosby said no but changed her answer seconds later. Crosby told the officer that she had a crack rock wrapped in foil inside her vagina and it was starting to hurt. The officer asked Crosby to remove the crack and after a couple of winces and some will power she pulled out the foil ball. She told officers that she had just sold the rock to the driver for $100. Crosby was booked and her nasty crack rock vagina is healing nicely.
Jezebel has the story

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