Giraffe Tongue Orchestra Is Back On

Back in 2012 there was a rumor that members of Mastodon and Dillenger Escape Plan were teaming up for a new project under the name Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Any news about the new band slowly faded away until recently Ben Weinman, guitarist for Dillenger Escape Plan gave an update saying that the group was in the studio laying down tracks. Giraffe Tongue features Ben Weinman, Mastodon vocalist and guitarist Brent Hinds, ex-Jane Addiction's bassist Eric Avery, and ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore. The whole thing basically came down to timing and waiting for everyone to finish up with tours and whatnot. Mastodon doesn't hit the road again till this fall and Dillenger is closing out their summer tour. As far as what to expect sound wise it's anybodies guess. Will that line-up the field is wide open but you can guarantee on thing, it's going to be heavy!! Metal Injection has the story

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