Bring In the Muzzle!!

Police in Sandpoint, Idaho got a surprise late last week when they arrested 42 yr. old Staci Spence. Turns out Staci might be a bit crazy. Spence was arrested Thursday morning at her home on battery charges after she pepper sprayed a couple that was sleeping in a van outside her home. When officers tried to take Spence in she hit one of the officers and kicked another one in the groin. That was just the beginning though. Officers eventually cuffed Spence and got her in the patrol car. Once the arresting officer arrived at the Bonner County jail he noticed that Spence had literally chewed through the seats in the patrol car. She managed to eat through the upholstery and had started on the foam. Reports didn't state if Spence was rabid or not. The department estimated repair costs at over $2,000. Her dog impression added to the list of charges including resisting arrest, battery on an officer, and a felony for malicious injury to property. I didn't realize you could "injure" property but I guess they do things a little different up in Idaho. Police say Spence has history with the police and doing strange things in the back of police cars. After an arrest earlier this summer she managed to sneak a beer into the patrol car and drink it on the way to the station. 
KXLY News has the story

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