Gwar Will Not Kill Dave Grohl

According to Gwar's drummer Jizmak Da Gusha, he was planning on eating Dave Grohl but later decided not to based on Grohl dedicating a song to the late Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie who passed away this past March of a heroin overdose. The Foo Fighters played a crowdsource show in Brockie's hometown of Richmond, VA and Grohl dedicated a song to Oderus knowing that he would of hated the idea of the dedication. Grohl explained the gesture to the crowd,

“One of the greatest compliments, or non-compliments, that I have ever gotten in my life, I remember seeing this interview with Dave Brockie where they asked Brockie about a Grammy nomination, and somehow he made his way to me, and he said ‘Dave Grohl, he’s actually had his teeth removed so he could fit more Grammy dicks in his fucking mouth.’ So, right now, I give it up to Brockie. He would fucking hate that I dedicated a fucking song to him.”

Obviously it was all in good fun. The Foo Fighters show at The National happened after fans started an online campaign to get the band there. It was the first time the band performed in Richmond since 1998. Jizmak said he had all the intentions of killing Grohl at the show but decided against it after the dedication and having some of Grohl's famous brownies backstage,

“I had every intention of going to the Foo Fighters show to kill Dave Grohl but he said something really nice about Oderus and I decided I’m going to spare his life this time. Besides, the backstage brownies were delicious. Thanks, Dave!”

NME has the story

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