Man Tries to Buy Drugs At House Being Raided

It's always best to make sure the house you're buying drugs at isn't being raided by the cops when you show up. A 20yr. old man from Brighton, England is either the dumbest asshole alive or he's just not that bright. Plus, it's not like the drug raid was being carried out under the cover of darkness. It was 11 in the afternoon. Cops had made a drug arrest earlier that morning and carried out the raid on the house based on information they received from the perps. As the cops were carrying out the raid a random man approached the house looking to score and was questioned by the cops after they deemed him a suspicious person. Turns out he already had drugs on him and was put in cuffs along with one other man from inside the house. The 20yr. old was booked on charges for possession of a Class A drug and possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply. Arresting officers said it was the easiest but they ever made. The guy literally walked into the bust.
The Argus UK has the story 

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