Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007)

I was a little confused when I heard that someone was remaking the classic Halloween but when I heard that someone was Rob Zombie my interest was peaked. It's hard to go back and remake one of the greatest horror movies of all time. I was worried that the new 2007 remake would just be an updated version of the original but Zombie took things a step further. He gave the whole story and background of little Michael Meyers ad what turned him into the psychopath that we've all come to love. The movie picks up with little Mikey around the age of 10-11 and we get a peak into his dysfunctional home life, his battle his neighborhood bullies and finally the moment when he snaps and becomes one of the most famous slashers cinema has ever seen. Like I said, I was super skeptical about a remake but Rob Zombie knocked it out of the park.

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