Burglary Suspect Poops His Pants

A couple of weeks ago two burglars descended upon a Miami Springs IHOP to rob a couple of cars. Only problem was that they didn't realize undercover cops were staking out the parking lot because of a string of burglaries. Everything seemed to be going smooth for 30 year old ex-con James Norvil until the cops pulled up and ruined his cunning plan. Miami Springs cops saw Norvil and his partner looking in to the windows of parked cars and waited for them to strike. As Norvil was about to break into a car cops came flying up to make the arrest and Norvil took off running. Arresting officers gave chase through a few parking lots and backyards, pretty standard stuff as far as police foot chases go. Officers caught up to Norvil after he climbed on top of a shed and realized he was done. He told the cops he would come down and surrender as long as they didn't taze him. They agreed not to taze him. As the cops were cuffing Norvil they realized that during the chase he had shit all over himself. Must of been all that adrenaline. Before officers loaded Norvil into the back of the squad car they had to use a hose at the residence to wash Norvil off. From there Norvil was transported to jail wearing nothing but his shirt. When he arrived at the station the cops gave him a pair of pants to put on and a haz-mat team was called in to clean out the squad car and Norvil's cell. All in a days work I guess. Reports state that Norvil had just gotten out of prison and would be charged with violating his probation and that would most likely net him another ten years behind bars. At least he'll have a good story to tell about the time he shit his pants and had to be hosed off by the cops.
The Miami Herald has the story

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