I Am God On Mushrooms

Normally, when people eat magic mushrooms the day or night is spent just relaxing and tripping out. Eating psychedelics with friends can be a great get away for a few hours if you can handle your shit and not freak out. Key word being if because there's always that one guy who can't hang and ruins it for everyone else.

Police is Port St. Lucie, FL were called to a home last week after a couple of friends decided to eat some fungus and ride out the night. One of those friends was 24 year old Martin Najera who isn't very good at handling his drugs. The night started out like any other drug trip until Najera starting freaking out and trashing his buddies apartment. The friend called cops and told them Najera was flipping out. When officers arrived the owner of the apartment told cops that Najera ate some mushrooms and things went south quick. Najera wanted to fight his friend but the friend refused so Najera did the next best thing and tore up the apartment and peed all over the floor. When cops were finally able to talk with Najera they asked him his name and he told the cops his name was God. Seems reasonable, a little cliche, but under the circumstances it seems reasonable. While officers were interviewing Najera he spit in their faces and after receiving a warning and being told he would go straight to jail if he did it again Najera spit on them one more time and starting swinging on any officer in arm lengths. Najera was immediately placed under arrest and booked in to the the county jail. Police reports state that Najera did a substantial amount of damage in the apartment and would be charged for that along with assaulting the arresting officers. Welcome to Florida!
Off The Beat has the story

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