Excuse Me Officer, Can I Borrow Your Gun?

Police in Boynton Beach, FL police got a surprise this past Thursday when 38 yr. old Deondrae Hall walked in to the station and asked an officer if he could borrow his gun.
Hall told the officer, "Hey! Let me use your gun! I need to use your gun to take care of some niggas that robbed me."
When the cop told him no he turned and asked another officer standing in the room, "Hey! I need to use your gun!" Both officers declined and Hall had some more choice words for the cops including,
"I have a glock 40 for your pussy ass bitch" and "Fuck you juicy pussy cracker bitch".
Before he could say anything else Hall was torn off his bike and in cuffs. Boynton Beach police said that Hall was visibly intoxicated and told officers that he was arguing with another guy before he decided to stop in and ask for assistance. Hall was charged with public intoxication, corruption by threat, and possession of narcotics. The police report stated that Hall was in a pretty fractured state of mind which seemed fitting for someone who thought asking a cop for a gun seemed like a good idea.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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