Mom Finds Pot Stash In Family Van

When you buy a used car there's always an off chance you might discover something the previous owner left behind. Usually the dealership will clean out the car and make sure everything is ready to go. Something tells me the guy tasked with cleaning the cars isn't removing door panels to make sure he vacuumed up all the leftover crumbs. In this case he might have wanted to.
A woman in Alamogordo, NM discovered her 1990 Chevrolet van was used for more than hauling around screaming kids. The woman told police she purchased the van in 2001 to drive her grand kids around in. Being a good grandma she found a steal on a van at her local used car dealership. Little did she know she had just bought a van that was used to transport drugs, specifically marijuana. This past Friday she noticed the door handle wasn't working properly and asked a neighbor to take a look at it and try to fix it. The first thing the neighbor did was remove the door panel and that's when he found 13.5 lbs of pot in brick form shoved into the inside of the door. The grandma called cops immediately fearing she would be busted. Turns out she had been driving around with the bricks of weed in her door for over 13 years. Including family vacations and trips with the grand kids. She's just lucky she never got pulled over and searched by a drug dog. Something tells me that wouldn't have worked out real well. The stash was turned over to the local police and destroyed. One officer noted that the weed was so old that it had most likely lost it's potency. My guess is that since it was brick weed that it wouldn't have been very potent to begin with. The woman and her neighbor were cleared of any wrong doing but now grandma needs a new van.
Huff Post has the story

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